The EBA acts as a central hub for information on crisis prevention, management and resolution of credit institutions in the Union based on the notifications received from the respective national authorities regarding (i) resolution actions taken in relation to an institution, (ii) any determination of unavailability of deposits and DGSs' pay-outs, (iii) any use of DGSs' funds to finance measures in order to prevent the failure of an institution, and (iv) any use of DGSs' funds to finance measures to preserve access of depositors to their covered deposits in insolvency.

The EBA publishes the notifications received from both resolution and DGS designated authorities on its website in order to ensure information is easily accessible by the public.

The European Banking Authority is responsible only for the accurate reproduction of the information received from national authorities, while responsibility for the accuracy of its content, lies with those national authorities.

Resolution cases

Liquidation cases with DGS payouts

Other DGS interventions