Personal finance at the EU level

In this section we provide some useful links that may help consumers in understanding their rights in personal finance and banking issues at the EU level.

Your Europe

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This site is designed to help the European citizens with detailed and practical information on their rights and opportunities within the Single Market. It includes specific sections on personal finance related issues, where consumers can find information on:

In case consumers need further assistance, Your Europe Advice provides personalised advice to individual citizens in relation to the rights they enjoy under Single Market rules. It signposts individuals to the appropriate body to deal with their problems.


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Within FIN-NET, the schemes cooperate to provide consumers with easy access to out-of-court complaint procedures in cross-border cases. If a consumer in one country has a dispute with a financial services provider from another country, FIN-NET members will put the consumer in touch with the relevant out-of court complaint scheme and provide the necessary information about it.FIN-NET is a financial dispute resolution network of national out-of-court complaint schemes in the European Economic Area countries (the European Union Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) that are responsible for handling disputes between consumers and financial services providers, i.e. banks, insurance companies, investment firms and others. This network was launched by the European Commission in 2001.