Calls for Advice

The EBA receives Calls for Advice from the European Commission on a range of topics on which it requires further clarification. In response to a Call for Advice, we conduct a technical analysis and usually issue an Opinion and publish an evidence-based Report. 


To ensure transparency and accountability we keep a record of all correspondence with EU institutions and other public authorities. 

Public meetings registers

At the EBA, we are committed to transparency. This means that we publish information linked to top management and staff members' meetings with external stakeholders in relation to our mandates.

Transparency and access to documents

Transparency and accountability are core principles of what we do. We publish large volumes of information on our website and ensure access to available documents.


We operate  in an ethical environment to protect the independence, transparency and objectivity of the EBA’s decision-making operations, allowing our staff and partners to thrive. 

Fighting fraud

As foreseen in our founding Regulation, we implement anti-fraud measures in all activities carried out, including to prevent, detect, investigate, recover, mitigate, and respond to scams and fraud.