The EBA purchases services and supplies through public procurement calls, in line with EU legislation and the principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, widest competition, proportionality, and sound financial management. 

We are subject to the provisions of the EU Procurement Directive 2014/24, Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the EU and the EBA's Financial Regulation.

The procurement procedures with value above € 143 000 are published in S Supplement of the Official Journal of the European Union (Tenders Electronic Daily (TED)), advertised on the EU Funding and Tenders Portal and on EBA's website. 

For procurement procedures with a value between € 15 000 and € 143 000 we launch negotiated procurement procedures and advertise them on our website. For procurement in this range, we publish ex-ante notices on the EU Funding and Tenders Portal and on our website for a minimum of two weeks to allow suppliers to express interest.

Current procurement procedures with a value of €143,000 or more

There are currently no calls.

Prior information notices

There are currently no notices.

Current procurement procedures between €15,000 and €143,000

There are currently no calls.

Call for expression of interest - Donation policy

In a bid to repurpose ICT equipment that is no longer in use at the EBA, we are implementing  a new  donation policy. The call is open to:

  • charitable or humanitarian organizations,
  • social, educational, or community well-being organisations,
  • governmental, regional or local bodies,
  • any other non-profit organisations,

established in the territory of a member state of the European Union.

Interested orgnisations should submit their application form as described in the Call for expression of interest by 13/03/2028.