The EBA pays the highest attention to ensuring equal chances for men and women in its organisation and through its policy and convergence work for the banking and financial sector. Fair and equal opportunities for staff as well as the prevention of any discrimination are at the core of EBA’s working culture.

The EBA is fully committed to the EU Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy to make significant progress towards a gender-equal Europe by 2025 and the UN’s ambitious global target of achieving gender equality and empowering women by 2030.

The EBA is also fully committed to taking a proactive and inclusive approach to diversity and inclusion, in line with the Charter on Diversity and Inclusion developed by the EU Agencies Network as well as in accordance with Article 1d of the Staff Regulations.

Although until now, the focus of the EBA’s work in this area has been mainly on gender and nationality balance, going forward, the EBA will take a more holistic and multidimensional approach to diversity and inclusion.


Geographical distribution

Gender equality events

Policy and regulation work

Since 2015, the EBA has been collecting data on credit institutions and investment firms’ diversity policies, the composition of the management body in terms of gender, age, geographical, educational and professional background and the gender pay gap at the level of the management body.

To reinforce the principles in European Legislation that require to take into diversity when recruiting members of the management body, equal opportunities  and that the principle of equal pay for equal work is complied with and effectively supervised, the EBA has specified those legislative requirements and the related supervisory expectations in Guidelines.