Information for consumers

The EBA provides information that are helpful to you in your daily life as a consumer of retail banking services. This includes information on your consumer rights, such as the right to complain in case you are not satisfied with the products or services provided, and practical steps how to file such a complaint. We also provide, for each EU Member States, the names and addresses of the national authorities competent for the protection of those rights.  

The EBA also coordinates financial literacy and education initiatives and has issued a number of consumer warnings on products such as virtual currencies and contracts for difference. We have also published easy-to-understand factsheets that provide tips on how to protect yourself when purchasing of financial products over the internet or mobile phone, on the steps you should take when purchasing financial products with sustainability features, and on the impact of inflation and interest rate rises on your financial wellbeing.

The EBA is also mandated to prohibit or restrict in the Union the marketing, distribution or sale of structured deposits and, from June 2024, the issuance of crypto assets, and we are providing information on how and under what conditions we can use these powers.