Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) and Pillar 2

The aim of the Pillar 2 processes is to enhance the link between an institution's risk profile, its risk management and risk mitigation systems, and its capital planning. Pillar 2 can be divided into two major components: (i) aimed at institutions, where those are expected to establish sound, effective and complete strategies and processes to assess and maintain, on an ongoing basis, the amounts, types and distribution of internal capital commensurate to their risk profiles (ICAAP), as well as robust governance and internal control arrangements, and (ii) supervisory review and evaluation process (SREP). The key purpose of SREP is to ensure that institutions have adequate arrangements, strategies, processes and mechanisms as well as capital and liquidity to  ensure a sound management and coverage of their risks, to which they are or might be exposed, including those revealed by stress testing and risks institution may pose to the financial system.

This section brings together the EBA's work on the supervisory review and examination process in general and on some specific Pillar 2 topics, like concentration and diversification.

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