Market access

The access to the market of regulated financial services is a critical 'gate keeping function' to ensure that only entities that are able to assure the safety and soundness of the business and the integrity of the market may provide such activities.  For this reason, access to the market is subject to licensing by the competent authority.  

It includes authorisation, passporting notification, assessment of qualifying holdings and monitoring of regulatory perimeter also in light of ongoing digitalisation process.  

Market access also concerns access from third countries and issues relating to the operation of third country groups (TCGs) in the EU, including third country branches (TCBs), the margins for direct provision of services from third countries and the intermediary parent undertakings (IPU). 

Whilst market access conceptually applies to any regulated financial activity, the page hosts in particular regulatory products, such as RTS, ITS, Guidelines, reports, opinions or other documents relating to credit institutions, investment firms and undertakings engaged in the issuance of issuance of asset-referenced tokens. 

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