Prudential regulation

The EBA sets prudential regulations to make the financial sector safer and more stable, while ensuring that households, businesses, and other consumers can avail of financial services.

Crisis management

 Crisis management aims to ensure financial institutions and authorities are well equipped to deal with the potential failure of financial institutions. 

Sustainable finance

Our roadmap to sustainable finance outlines considerations on how environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects can be incorporated into the regulatory and supervisory framework of EU credit institutions.

Digital finance

The EBA contributes to the digital risk management dimension of the Single Rulebook and to creating a consistent framework for the regulation and supervision of crypto-asset activities.

Asset-referenced and e-money tokens (MiCAR)

The EBA develops technical standards and guidelines setting our requirements for issuers of asset-referenced tokens (ARTs) and electronic money tokens (EMTs).

Operational resilience

The EBA works to ensure the consistent harmonisation of Digital Operational Resilience for the Financial Sector (DORA), which encompasses various aspects of ICT risk management, major incident reporting, testing, and third-party risk monitoring.

Anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism

The EBA works to foster a common and effective approach to anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/ CFT) among national competent authorities and financial institutions across the single market.

Passporting and Supervisory Branches

The EBA puts in place requirements for passport notifications between home and host competent authorities. Such requirements are in line with the principle of single authorisation.

Consumer protection and financial education

The EBA identifies and addresses harm that arises for EU consumers as a result of their interactions with financial institutions. The EBA also coordinates education initiatives of national authorities.

Payment services and electronic money

The EBA's work in the area of payments and electronic money is aimed at ensuring that payments across the EU are secure, easy and efficient.