Risk analysis

The EBA performs risk analysis and stress tests to evaluate the resilience of the banking sector and of the financial system as a whole.  It also carries out regular impact assessments of our regulatory products to ensure we have an evidence-based, harmonised and proportionate rulebook.


Since our establishment, we have been using and receiving a wealth of data, and we have been striving to ensure this data is made available to all our stakeholders in the most efficient way. Our objective is to establish an integrated reporting system for collecting prudential, resolution, and statistical data, with a view to streamlining the reporting process, improving its efficiency, and reducing reporting costs for all relevant stakeholders.


The EBA collects, stores, and manages data to carry out in-depth analyses of the EU banking/financial sector and understand the underlying risks. We also aggregate statistical data on key aspects of the implementation of the prudential framework in each Member State and maintain several registers covering supervisory, resolution, remuneration and payments data from a wide range of financial institutions.