UNI Europa

Yes, the subject matter and scope is clear. However, high earners in third countries should be included, for example under “third countries”, without mentioning the country specifically.
Yes, the last reports have provided interesting information and the new report will be even more specific.
An interesting additional piece of information could be the ratio of dividend and bonus payment compared to capital increase to be included in the report on remuneration. This would necessitate additional lines in annex 1 (specifying total income, dividend payment, bonus payment in total amounts and in percentage and capital increase).
Yes, but for the ease of reporting and in order to avoid double entries, it would be better to merge annex 1 of the report regarding high earners (EBA/CP/2014/05) with annex 2 of EBA/CP/2014/04 (remuneration benchmarking exercise).
We agree with the analysis for high earners.
Hanna Sjölund