Overview of the ECAIs' mapping under the Standardised Approach

This page provides an overview of the different EBA regulatory products developed around the mapping of External Credit Assessment Institutions' credit assessments mandated under article 136 of the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR). This section also includes individual mapping reports for each individual ECAI.

Implementing Regulation
Version Final draft ITS submitted by ESAs Implementing Regulation adopted by Commission Main changes from previous version


Final draft ITS on ECAIs' mapping

(November 2015)

Implementing Technical Standards published on the Official Journal

(October 2016)

Methodology and mapping for 26 ECAIs

First amendment

Revised final draft ITS on ECAIs' mapping

(December 2017)

Amended Implementing Technical Standards published on the Official Journal

(April 2018)

Mappings for five newly established ECAIs and removal of a de-registered ECAI

Second amendment

EBA final draft ITS on ECAIs' mapping

(May 2019)

Amending Implementing Regulation published on the Official Journal

(November 2019)

Monitoring exercise:  

- Developments in credit rating scales and types

-  Re-assessment of credit quality steps allocation

- Registration of CRAs related to a previously mapped ECAI

Third amendment

Final Report Amendment ITS ECAIs mapping CRR art 136

(June 2021)

Amending Implementing Regulation published on the Official Journal

(November 2021)

Mapping for two newly established ECAIs

Removal of de-registered ECAIs and monitoring exercise


Mapping reports
ECAI name Mapping Report

AM Best Europe-Rating Services

(Mapping Report - AMBERS)

ARC Ratings

(Mapping Report - ARC)

ASSEKURATA Assekuranz Rating-Agentur

(Mapping Report - Assekurata)


(Mapping Report - Axesor)

Banque de France

(Mapping Report - BdF)

BCRA – Credit Rating Agency

(Mapping Report - BCRA)

Capital Intelligence

(Mapping Report - CI)

Cerved Rating Agency

(Mapping Report - CERVED)

Creditreform Rating

(Amended Draft Mapping Report - Creditreform) abridged

CRIF Ratings.

(Mapping Report - CRIF)

Dagong Europe Credit Rating

(Mapping Report - Dagong)

DBRS Ratings

(Mapping Report - DBRS)

Egan-Jones Ratings

(Mapping Report - EJR)

Euler Hermes Rating

(Mapping Report - Euler Hermes)

European Rating Agency

(Mapping Report - ERA)


(Mapping Report - EuroRating)

Fitch Ratings

(Mapping Report - Fitch)

GBB-Rating Gesellschaft für Bonitätsbeurteilung

(Mapping Report - GBB)

HR Ratings de México

(Mapping Report - HRR)


(Mapping Report - ICAP)

INC Rating

(Mapping Report - INC)

Japan Credit Rating Agency

(Mapping Report - JCRA)

Kroll Bond Rating Agency

(Mapping Report - Kroll)


(Mapping Report - modeFinance)


(Mapping Report - Moody's)

Nordic Credit Rating AS (Mapping Report - NCR)

Rating-Agentur Expert RA

(Mapping Report - RAEX)

Scope Ratings

(Mapping Report - Scope)

Spread Research

(Amended Draft Mapping Report - Spread Research) abridged

S&P Global Ratings

(Mapping Report - S and P)

The Economist Intelligence Unit

(Mapping Report - The EIU)