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Not authorities, but third-country courts could invalidate the bail-in contractual recognition term.
Yes, however it is not extensive in covering all the liabilities concerned.
Yes, please read the paper concerning issues coming from Brexit. Even if there has been some kind of progress thanks to the BRRD2, the burden and efficiency of the recognition is still not clear. Moreover, banks are reluctant to re-negotiate contracts, in order to avoid additional costs.
In ordinary times, I would say yes. In the current situation, not only for the pandemic, but also for the Brexit uncertainty concerning the financial sector, I would have preferred more time.
Generally yes, but matters concerning English law should be deepened.
Under my analysis, it is not really a matter of instruments. Conditions posed by Brexit and future non-compliance with the BRRD (including the avoided adoption of the BRRD2) could make impracticable to include the contractual recognition.
They are clear but not extensive.
For UK Law issues, at the EU level coordination and/or harmonisation would be desirable.
Generally yes.
I don't have this data.
Same as in Q6.
Yes but could be more extensive in the English law side.
More flexibility about timing and deadlines. They should be re-shuffled according to the current situation.
The structure is fine for me.
Pier Mario Lupinu