Guidelines on outsourcing arrangements

  • Status: Final and translated into the EU official languages

These Guidelines provide a clear definition of outsourcing and specify the criteria to assess whether or not an outsourced activity, service, process or function (or part of it) is critical or important. The Guidelines, which review the existing CEBS Guidelines on outsourcing published in 2006, aim at establishing a more harmonised framework for outsourcing arrangements of all financial institutions in the scope of the EBA’s action.

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Consultation on draft Guidelines on outsourcing

  • Status: Closed
  • Deadline: 24 SEPTEMBER 2018
Annex (Register template for Gls on outsourcing)

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Consultation Paper on draft Guidelines on outsourcing arrangements (EBA-CP-2018-11)

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BSG response to EBA Draft Guidelines on outsourcing (EBA CP 2018 11)_24 Sep 2018

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Public hearings

Public hearing on the Consultation on the draft Guidelines on outsourcing


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