Response to consultation on Guidelines on disclosure requirements under Part Eight of Regulation (EU)

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Question 1: Do users prefer a comprehensive template providing a breakdown of capital requirements and RWA by exposure classes for credit risk in Template EU OV1-B, or would they prefer to have the detailed breakdown by exposure classes provided in Template EU CR5-B for the Standardised approach and Template EU CR6 for the IRB approach?

They prefer an individual capital approach provided by the Kerviel template as maison de courtage (domestic trader).

Question 2: Do members prefer a breakdown by exposure classes for Article 442 CRR using the granularity from COREP, the CRR or the Transparency exercise? In case users prefer a combination of the different exposure classes available in these breakdowns, please indicate the combination you would favour.

Forex is provided with tranparancy cause of European Union Treat Law.

Question 3: Do you believe information on the exposure-weighted average maturity by PD grade is useful for understanding of an institution’s IRB RWA?

Doesn't any concern Forex Trader.

Question4: Would it be feasible to breakdown the value adjustments and provisions by PD grade for the fixed PD grade bands that are provided in the masterscale? Would this information be useful to users?

Breakdown is an effect due to crescent engaged trader in the up bridge starting at which opening of any Bourse in the European Community States.

Question 6: Is the split of credit derivatives between used for the institution’s own credit portfolio and one for credit derivatives used in the institutions’ intermediation activities useful or relevant to users? What definitions or policies do you currently use to identify credit derivatives used for your own portfolio, and credit derivatives used for your intermediation activities?

that's just a re feed re lease between banks from all over the world.

Question 7: Which impediments, if any, including issues of availability of information, currently prevent you from disclosing the information on total (Standardised plus Internal model approaches) capital requirements by types of market risk as required under Article 445 CRR or are likely to render the disclosure of Template EU MR1-A unduly burdensome?

This line is not general. forex make automatic pilot curve for one day to 60 years of previsions for every forex traders.

Question 8: Is the separate disclosure of end of period and average values for VaR, stressed VaR, IRC and CRM useful for users?

Off subject because obsolet

Question 9: Do you agree with the proposed scope of application of the Guidelines?


Question 10: In case you support the development of key risk metric template(s) that would apply to all institutions, which area of risks and metrics would you like to be covered in such template(s)?

no risk with automatic pilot previsions same as offscreen

Question 11: Do you regard making available quantitative disclosures in an editable format as feasible and useful?

Offline. Impossible. subject out.

Question 12: In case you do not support making available all quantitative information specified in these Guidelines under an editable format, which subset of quantitative information should in your views be made available?

Standardidazed ever in treat law trader forex by the european community.

Question 13: Does an early implementation of a selected set of information specified in these Guidelines appear feasible?

Almost do by the european court.

Question 14: Which amendments, if any, would you bring to the selected set intended to be included in the recommendation for early application?

Aboki app.

Question 15: Do you agree with the content of these Guidelines? In case of disagreement with specific parts of these Guidelines, please outline alternatives regarding these specific part(s) to achieve the implementation of the revised Pillar 3 framework in a fully compliant way with the current CRR requirements.

Almost do for 6 years at the beginning of the forex, idea inside.

Question 16: Do you agree with the impact assessment? In case of disagreement, please identify areas where costs and benefits are misstated or suggest alternative options.

Unbreakable treat low bourse as never statued in a community state whenever.

Name of organisation

Netwark S.Y.