Response to consultation on RTS specifying the requirements on strong customer authentication and common and secure communication under PSD2

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Question 1: Do you agree with the EBA’s reasoning on the requirements of the strong customer authentication, and the resultant provisions proposed in Chapter 1 of the draft RTS?

A mention to the notified eID means under eIDAS Regulation is missing. Notified eID means shall be one of the mechanisms suitable for meeting the strong customer authentication requirements under PSD2.

Question 9: With regards to identification between PSPs, do you agree that website certificates issued by a qualified trust service provider under an e-IDAS policy would be suitable and allow for the use of all common types of devices (such as computers, tablets and mobile phones) for carrying out different payment services ?

Yes, we agree that it would be perfectly suitable and allow for the use of multiple devices, and would strongly advocate for the use of Qualified Website Authentication Certificates(QWACs) to fulfil the requirement concerning the identification of payments service providers (PSPs)

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