Banking Stakeholder Group

The Banking Stakeholder Group (BSG) is a key advisory group for the EBA's work on regulatory and implementing technical standards, guidelines, and recommendations, in line with Article 37 and Recital 48 of our Founding Regulation.

The Group consists of 30 members appointed by the EBA's Board of Supervisors through an open selection process that aims for geographical and gender balance. These members represent various groups, including financial institutions within the EU, their employees' representatives, consumers, banking service users, representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and prominent independent academics. The BSG's main role is to facilitate consultations with stakeholders on matters related to the EBA's tasks.

Specifically, the BSG advises on actions related to regulatory technical standards, implementing technical standards, guidelines, and recommendations, as long as these actions do not pertain to individual financial institutions. The BSG can also provide advice to the EBA on any issue related to our tasks.

The BSG can also ask the EBA to investigate alleged breaches or non-application of Union law when appropriate.