Reporting framework 3.1

EBA reporting framework 3.1 is expected to apply from 09/2021.

The EBA reporting framework v3.1 includes the following new and amended reporting requirements:

  • New reporting requirements for investment firms (ITS on investment firms reporting and disclosure and RTS on reporting of thresholds for investment firms)
  • Changes to resolution planning reporting 
  • Changes to the ITS on Supervisory benchmarking 


The technical documents available for download include the following:

1. Consolidated version of the reporting requirements (Unofficial text and meant purely as a documentation tool – legal acts are published in the Official Journal of the European Union)

a. ITS on supervisory reporting [ZIP, 2,776KB]

i.Reporting templates in other EU languages [ZIP, 60.456KB]

b. Guidelines on funding plans [ZIP, 349KB]

i.Reporting templates in other EU languages 

c. ITS on supervisory benchmarking of internal models [ZIP, 524KB]

d. ITS on resolution reporting [ZIP, 419 KB] 

i.Reporting templates in other EU languages 

e. ITS on disclosure and reporting on MREL and TLAC [ZIP, 825KB]

i.Reporting templates in other EU languages [ZIP, 1800KB]

f. ITS on specific reporting requirements for market risk [ZIP, 878KB]

i.Reporting templates in other EU languages [ZIP, 20892KB]

g. ITS on Reporting and disclosures for investment firms [ZIP, 435KB]

i. Reporting templates in other EU languages [ZIP, 110 KB]


2.  Validation rules  (Uploaded 22 March 2024) [XLSX, 10 024KB]


3. DPM v3.1 (Updated 7 July 2021)

  a. DPM database [ZIP, 103,774KB]

  b. DPM dictionary [XLSX, 1,277KB]

  c. DPM table layout and data point categorisation [ZIP, 2,146KB]


4. EBA XBRL v3.1 (Updated 7 July 2021)

  a. XBRL taxonomy files and supporting documentation [ZIP, 58,898KB]

  b. EBA XBRL filing rules [PDF, 889KB]

  c. Taxonomy packages  [ZIP, 11,740KB]

  d. Sample files  [ZIP, 826KB]


5. Small validation rules package