In view of the decision-making powers granted to members of the EBA’s governing bodies (Board of Supervisors and the Management Board), a specific policy on conflicts of interests for non-staff applies to them. Under the policy, members, alternates, non-voting members and observers must submit an annual declaration of interests that is published on the EBA’s website.  

If a member breaches the rules on conflicts of interests, the Chairperson needs to review the instruments adopted by the body in which that member participated, and adopt the necessary measures to ensure the independence and objectivity of the EBA’s decision-making processes.  

Furthermore, when appointed to governing bodies, members, alternates, non-voting members and observers must submit a declaration of intention concerning their commitment and confidentiality, which is also published in the EBA’s website.  

Members of the independent panels established in accordance with Article 41 of the EBA Regulation for the purposes of Articles 17, 19 and 22(4), and members of the Resolution Committee and the Standing Committee on Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financing (AMLSC) are subject to the same rules on conflicts of interest. 

Their declarations of  intention are published here: