Fighting fraud

Under Article 66 of our founding Regulation, we have the mandate to implement anti-fraud measures in all our activities.

Our strategy foresees four main objectives:

  • prevent
  • detect and investigate
  • recover, mitigate and respond
  • exploit

As part of our anti-fraud strategies, we perform fraud risk assessments. This helps us examine all our activities to find any fraud risks and evaluate the controls in place. Any identified risk is scored to determine if it could be significant or material, and to decide how it should be addressed in a suitable and effective way.  

We cooperate with, and rely on, the investigative powers of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) to carry out investigations of fraud, irregularities and misconduct of staff. The EBA staff are encouraged to report instances of fraud, irregularities and misconduct and are protected under specific whistleblowing arrangements. Serious suspicions of fraud, irregularities and misconduct can also be reported directly to OLAF