Reporting framework v2.0

EBA reporting framework v2.0 applies to submissions of data with reporting reference dates between 31/01/2014 and 31/08/2014.

It refers to the original ITS on supervisory reporting as published in 07/2013.

The technical documents available for download include the following:

  1. Consolidated version of the reporting (meant purely as a documentation tool – legal acts are published in the Official Journal of the European Union)
  2. Validation rules  (Uploaded 22 March 2024) [XLSX, 10 024KB]
  3. DPM v2.0
    1. DPM Analysis Matrix.xlsm 
    2. DPM  
    3. DPM dictionary.xlsx 
    4. DPM table layout and data point categorisation.xlsx 
  4. EBA XBRL v2.0
    1. XBRL taxonomy files  
    2. EBA XBRL filing rules v.2.0.0.xlsx 
    3. COREP FINREP XBRL Taxonomy v2.0.0..pdf
    4. DPM
    5. General
    6. Skeleton