Recovery, resolution and DGS

Under the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) on crisis prevention, management and resolution, the EBA is mandated to develop a wide range of Technical Standards, Guidelines and Reports with the aim of ensuring effective and consistent procedures across the Union, in particular with respect to cross-border financial institutions. The ultimate objective of the BRRD framework is to enhance financial stability, reduce moral hazard, protect depositors and critical financial services, save public money and ensure the smooth functioning of the internal market for financial services. The BRRD is complemented by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive (DGSD), which also assigns rulemaking tasks to the EBA, and by other forthcoming regulatory initiatives on financial institutions other than banks. The DGSD aims to facilitate access to the internal market through the freedom of establishment and the freedom to provide financial services while increasing the stability of the banking system and the protection of depositors.

To fulfil its role of monitoring the implementation of the BRRD and the DGSD, national authorities must notify the EBA of any relevant information as well as of any actions taken. The EBA publishes the non-confidential elements of these notifications on its website (i.e. notifications on resolution, liquidation cases with DGS payouts and other DGS interventions), which can be accessed here. Similarly, Member States must periodically report to the EBA data relating to the funding levels of their national Deposit Guarantee Schemes.

Opinions, Reports and other Publications