This section includes information and documents relating to the EBA's institutional framework, its mandate and daily operations.

EBA Regulation


EBA Headquarters Agreement

Scope of action of the EBA

According to Article 1(2) of the founding Regulation of the EBA, as amended, the EBA shall act within the powers conferred by the Regulation and within the scope of the following legislative texts:

Also, to the extent that those acts apply to credit and financial institutions and the competent authorities that supervise them, the EBA will also act within the relevant parts of the following directives:

Further, the EBA shall also act within the scope of all directives, regulations and decisions based on those acts, and of any further legally binding Union act which confers tasks on the Authority.

The Authority shall also act in accordance with the SSM Regulation (EU) No 1024/2013.

Finally, the Authority shall also act in the field of activities of credit institutions, financial conglomerates, investment firms, payment institutions and e-money institutions in relation to issues not directly covered in the acts referred to above.

This includes matters of corporate governance, auditing and financial reporting, provided that such actions by the Authority are necessary to ensure the effective and consistent application of those acts.

ESAs ESRB agreement

This section outlines the documents adopted by the EBA, the ESMA, the EIOPA and the ESRB.

Agreement on the establishment at the ESRB Secretariat of specific confidentiality procedures in order to safeguard information regarding individual financial institutions and information from which individual financial institutions can be identified