One of the EBA's objectives is to develop a common supervisory culture, skills and approaches across EU supervisors. In this respect, the EBA provides training seminars, online training programmes, conferences and roadshows aimed at enhancing supervisory convergence by disseminating sound supervisory standards and practices in the entire EU.

In addition to seminars held at the EBA premises or hosted by competent authorities, the EBA also offers online training programmes, which allow for continuous acquisition of skills and knowledge through the use of technology and hands-on e-learning courses. The online initiative includes training offerings to enable supervisors across the European banking sector to get together virtually and share best practices across the full spectrum of supervisory topics.

Through its training programme, the EBA facilitates personnel exchanges and encourages competent authorities to intensify the use of secondment schemes and other tools.

The training sessions are targeted at and restricted to the staff of the national authorities.