Threshold monitoring of intermediate parent undertakings

The Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) requires institutions belonging to third-country groups (TCGs) to have an intermediate parent undertaking (IPU) established in the European Union (EU) when the TCG’s total value of assets in the EU, including those held via third country branches (TCBs) established in the EU, is equal to or greater than 40 billion Euros. For this purpose, the CRD requires the EBA to collect from competent authorities across the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA)  the list of TCGs present in the EU/EEA together with the IPUs – where applicable - and TCBs of credit institutions with head offices in third countries.

Publicly disclosed data and information are solely those submitted to the EBA by the relevant competent authorities. The disclosure of such data does not serve the function of a public register, nor has legal significance and confers no rights in law. If an unauthorised institution is inadvertently included in this tool, its legal status is in no way altered. Similarly, if an institution has inadvertently been omitted from the tool, the validity of its authorisation will not be affected.

Supervisory reporting for IPU threshold monitoring

The supervisory data on IPU threshold monitoring is to be reported as per the EBA Decision concerning supervisory reporting for IPU threshold monitoring.