Small validation rules packages

Small validation rules packages can include deactivations of validation rules, reactivations of validation rules and changes to their severity status. The packages are published every quarter roughly 20 days before the reference date of the end of the quarter (i.e. around 10 March, 10 June, 10 September and 10 December). They can only impact framework release 3.0 and subsequent releases.

Where the small validation rules package includes changes to the severity of validation rules, the published material consists of the following items:

  • A micro taxonomy package (containing only the set folder)
  • DPM severity updates scripts
  • the Excel file with the validation rules (available on the pages for the different reporting frameworks).

The XBRL and DPM components of the package should be implemented as follows:

  • The components should be applied in historical order (i.e. the oldest package published below should be implemented first).
  • The set folder of the regular framework release of the XBRL taxonomy should be replaced by the set folder included in the package.
  • The DPM severity update script should be run (in order to update the severity in the validations rules of all affected framework releases).

Materials are published on this page only when the small validation rules package includes severity updates.