The Risk Assessment Reports provide an annual update on risks and vulnerabilities in the EU banking sector. They describe the main developments and trends that affect the EU banking sector and provide the EBA's outlook on the main micro-prudential risks and vulnerabilities.

Article 32 of the EBA's funding Regulation task the Authority with monitoring and assessing market developments and providing information to other EU institutions and bodies (European Parliament, Council, European Commission, ESRB) and the general public.

Joint committee Risk Assessment Reports

The Joint Committee Risk assessment reports identify the key cross-sectoral risks facing the EU's financial markets and system, and set out recommendations on how these can be addressed through coordinated policy and supervisory action by policy-makers, the European Supervisory Authorities and Member States.


Thematic Reports

Besides its Risk Assessment Report, the EBA also publishes annual reports on asset encumbrance and funding plans. Other thematic reports are not published on a regular basis. These other reports cover specific topics that are of general interest as part of the general risk assessment of the EU banking sector.

Thematic notes

The EBA also publishes ad hoc thematic notes on specific topics of interest as part of the general risk assessment of the EU banking sector.

Other publications and statements

This section includes other publications and statements related to the EBA's risk analysis work.