The Data Point Model (DPM) is the data dictionary providing the structured representation of the data required for regulatory purposes by the EBA. It encompasses its regulatory processes and integrates the data of different EBA Technical Standards and Guidelines. The DPM may include also other data definitions relevant to the common understanding of the EBA regulatory data - business concepts and their relations, as well as their validation and calculation rules.

Since its inception, the EBA has been using the same DPM Standard 1.0 and together with the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) has worked on a DPM Refit project aimed at achieving a common DPM Standard 2.0, which is better prepared to address the new challenges of regulation of financial sector.

At EBA the two models will coexist with the same integrated data during a transitional period in order to enable a smooth evolution to all stakeholders involved in regulatory processes.

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