EBA updates the mapping between the ITS on Pillar 3 disclosures and the ITS on supervisory reporting (v3.0)

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  • 6 August 2021

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today an updated tool, which specifies the mapping between quantitative disclosure data points and the relevant supervisory reporting data points. This tool aims at facilitating institutions’ compliance with disclosure requirements and improving the consistency and quality of the information disclosed.

The updated mapping tool applies to the reporting framework 3.0 and the ITS on institutions’ Pillar 3 public disclosures. The updates included in this version are mainly driven by changes during the adoption process of the ITS on supervisory reporting and the ITS on public disclosures.


Mapping tool review of updates v3.0

(336.47 KB - Excel Spreadsheet) Last update 6 August 2021

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