CEBS publishes a call for evidence for custodian banks

  • Press Release
  • 21 May 2013

The Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) today publishes its call for evidence for custodian banks as part of its follow-up work in response to the ECOFIN's request from 3 June 2008 for a review of ‘the coverage of risks borne by custodians (…) so as to ensure a level playing field while avoiding inconsistencies in the treatment of custodians and double regulation'.

Following the delivery of the report on custodian banks to the ECOFIN, CEBS has committed to undertake further work to establish the materiality of custodian banks internalising settlement activities or carrying out Central Counterparty (CCP)-like activities. The report identified certain gaps with regards to these activities in the current applicable banking regulations, in comparison to the ESCB-CESR draft Recommendations.

In order to gather evidence about the extent to which such activities are performed, CEBS today publishes a questionnaire which will help assess the materiality of this market practice. The questionnaire is published for a public consultation which starts today and runs until 4 March 2009. In parallel CEBS has also asked its members and observers to report on their assessment of such practices in a separate questionnaire. CEBS expects to deliver its results by early Q2 2009.

Comments received will be published on the CEBS website unless respondents explicitly request otherwise. Please send your comments to the following e-mail address:

A public hearing will take place on Tuesday 24 March 2009 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm at the CEBS's premises in order to allow all interested parties to put forward their views on the draft outcome of the responses to the questionnaire.




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