CEBS appoints new bureau members

  • Press Release
  • 22 May 2013

The Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) has appointed Rudi Bonte and Jukka Vesala as new members to its Bureau. Mr. Bonte and Mr. Vesala started working in their new roles from 15 January 2007. On 31 January Rudi Bonte and Jukka Vesala were also appointed as Directors of CEBS Secretariat Limited.

Mr. Rudi Bonte is a Member of the Management Committee of the Belgian Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA) the supervisory authority for financial institutions and markets in Belgium. He is acting Head of the Banking Supervision Department. Mr. Bonte is also a member of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the Banking Supervision Committee of the European Central Bank (BSC). As a CEBS member he participates in the Interim Working Committee on Financial Conglomerates (IWCFC).

Mr. Jukka Vesala, is Deputy Director General and Member of the Executive Board of the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority. Mr. Vesala is acting Head of the Prudential Supervision Department, and also Deputy Member of the Supervisory Board of the Finnish Insurance Supervision Authority. He is also a Member of the Banking Supervision Committee of the European Central Bank (BSC). He formerly worked within the ECB. Mr. Vesala participates in several of CEBS working groups such as the Groupe de Contact, Steering Group on QIS5 and the Convergence Task Force.

Rudi Bonte and Jukka Vesala join Mme. Danièle Nouy, Chair, Mr. Helmut Bauer, Vice Chair and Mr. Andrzej Reich Bureau Member. They replace Mrs. Kerstin af Jochnick (Swedish Finansinspektionen) and Mr. Andreas Ittner (National Bank of Austria), whose mandate on CEBS' Bureau expired on 7 January 2007.

Mme Danièle Nouy, Chair of CEBS, expressed the appreciation of the whole Committee and thanked Mrs. af Jochnick and Mr. Ittner for their outstanding contribution to the work of CEBS in the first three year's of the Committee's work.
The role of the Bureau is to prepare and discuss matters of strategic importance. It also provides advice and assists the Chair and the Committee in budgetary and administrative matters.

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