Mission statement and values

Mission statement

The mission statement conveys the organisation's purpose and it is based on the EBA Founding Regulation.

The EBA’s mission is to contribute to the stability and effectiveness of the European financial system through consistent, transparent, simple and fair regulation and supervision to the benefit of all EU citizens.


Values play a crucial role in shaping the Authority's identity, defining what truly matters to the EBA, and guiding the behaviors it aims to embody in every aspect of its actions.


Public service as a mindset

We work in full independence of specific interests and act in the sole interest of the European Union. We are committed to strengthening the EU financial sector and to protecting consumers through a sound regulatory framework.


Excellence in everything we do

We take ownership and are accountable for the delivery. We promote simplicity, objectivity, transparency and proportionality in our regulatory products. We learn from successes and failures and continue developing solutions with European people in mind.


Trust in our relationships

We build trusting relationship based on respect and transparency. We are open and responsible for our actions, promises and commitments. We care about people, believe we should  resemble the society we are embedded in, and abide by high ethical and environmental principles.


Creativity to deal with challenges

We strive for innovation and impact with a belief that change is possible. We are pioneering things to make a difference, and that makes us unique. We have energy, imagination and courage to lead.


Collaboration is our approach

We value team spirit, cultural diversity, working and growing together in a collaborative mindset internally and with our stakeholders. We encourage, seek and value input and feedback.