EBA revises standardised NPL data templates

12 September 2018

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today a revised version of the standardised NPL data templates that aim at facilitating the NPL sale transactions across the EU. The revised templates include minor changes following the feedback received from the testing of the original version published in December 2017.
The practical experience from the use of the EBA NPL templates by various institutions and the EBA's engagement with stakeholders since their publication in December 2017 has resulted in additional feedback. 
As a result of this feedback, the EBA published today a revised version of the NPL templates, which include amendments in data fields, a redesign of the related legal fields, and other editorial changes to improve their effectiveness and usability. A document (Version 1.1 - changes to version 1.0 of EBA NPL templates) presenting a summary of the changes is also included in the package.
The NPL data templates aim at creating the foundation for NPL transactions across the EU. In particular, the EBA standardised set of NPL data templates provide a common data set for the screening, financial due diligence and valuation during NPL transactions in the EU.



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