EBA publishes corrigendum of Guidelines on DGS contributions, amending the Guidelines on available financial means of DGS 

24 May 2023

The European Banking Authority (EBA) today published a corrigendum of the revised Guidelines on methods for calculating contributions to deposit guarantee schemes under the DGSD (EBA/GL/2023/02). The corrigendum applies to paragraph 13 in the section Repeal. This correction states that paragraph 21 of the related Guidelines on the delineation and reporting of available financial means (AFM) of DGS (EBA/GL/2021/17), issued on 17 December 2021, will be deleted. 

The paragraph has been deleted to avoid unnecessary duplication as it is now included in paragraph 17 of the more recent Guidelines on DGS contributions. This deletion had already been announced in paragraph 22 of the rationale section Guidelines on DGS contributions but had not been included yet in the Guidelines themselves. 

Along with the corrigendum, the EBA also published a consolidated version of the Guidelines on AFM, which incorporates the deletion.  

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