The EBA is entitled to investigate non-application by competent authorities of the acts referred to in Article 1(2) of the EBA Regulation and its amendments.

The EBA carries out investigations according to the Decision of the European Banking Authority adopting Rules of Procedure for Investigation of Breach of Union Law. These rules state the criteria for those cases that should be admitted for investigation. At the same time they define how the requests to launch an investigation should be submitted to the EBA and how the EBA should initiate and conduct those investigations.

Submitting a complaint

In order to check the admissibility of your request, you can send all relevant information to or to:

EBA Chairperson (Confidential)

Floor 25 Tour Europlaza
20 avenue André Prothin CS 30154
92927 Paris La Défense CEDEX


The format of the complaint can be chosen freely.

For your convenience, the established a list of documents that may be used when submitting a complaint. Please be aware that the EBA might require further information and documents concerning your case whilst analysing the merits of the complaint.

The EBA will confirm the receipt of your request within 2 weeks.