Workshop for banks: improving reporting practices and data quality

Date : 30/06/2022 | Duration: 09:15 - 16:50 (Paris time) | Location:


After the deployment of the European Centralised Infrastructure for Supervisory Data - EUCLID in early 2021, the EBA has now at its disposal a comprehensive and more unique dataset allowing for more proportionality to be embedded in its work, enriched analyses, better impact assessments and less need of ad-hoc data collections.

In this context, on 30 June 2022, from 9:15 to 16:50 CEST, the EBA will be organising its second virtual Workshop to promote better reporting practices and data quality from reporting agents when submitting data based on the EBA’s Technical Standards and Guidelines in the field of supervision and resolution. This event will bring together experts from supervisory and resolution authorities and the financial industry. The event will be an opportunity for reporting institutions, particularly for representatives of smaller institutions, to communicate directly with the EBA.

The target audience includes primarily reporting experts of credit institutions or banking associations/federations, but also experts from national authorities who are usually in contact with reporting institutions concerning data, which is submitted to the EBA.

The workshop will take place in a virtual format and its recordings will be available after the event.