ICT Consultancy PROC/2021/12 07-03-2022
Data Protection Advice, Consultancy and Related Services EBA/2021/03/LEG/SER/OP
Framework Contract for the Provision of Services and Equipment in the field of Audio-visual and Conference Technology SCIC/2021/OP/0002
Fourniture d'électricité de sources renouvelables EBA/2021/18/CSU/SUP/OP
Medical and Other Services EBA/2020/16/HRU/SER/OP
Editing and proofreading services EBA/2020/10/COMM/SER/OP
Multi-technical Maintenance EBA/2019/23/CSU/SER/NP
Mobile Telephony Services EBA/2020/14/ITU/SER/OP
Supply of interim workers for general administration EBA/2016/10/OPS/OP/SER