Second consultation paper on CEBS' technical advice to the European Commission on the review of the Large Exposures rules (CP16)

Start Date: 07/12/2007 | Deadline: 22/02/2008 | Status: Closed

The Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) published its consultation paper (CP16) on a number of aspects of the large exposures regime as part of developing its response to the European Commission's Second Call for Advice. The consultation is open to all interested parties, including supervised institutions and other market participants.
This consultation paper sets out CEBS' preliminary views on the issues included in Part 2 of the European Commission's Call for Advice. It also includes a summary of CEBS' key findings from Part 1 of its Advice to allow respondents to have a complete understanding of the overall review of the large exposures rules.
CEBS submits its initial views for a public consultation which starts today and runs until 22 February 2008. Comments received will be published on CEBS' website unless respondents request otherwise.
A public hearing will be organised on 15 January 2008 at CEBS premises in London.