Call for Advice

CEBS today received a call for technical advice on large exposures rules (CfA No. 5)

Date 01/12/2005

The Commission has asked CEBS to conduct a stock take of current supervisory practices in relation to the existing large exposures rules and to carry out an industry consultation on current practices and to provide an analysis of the types of credit risk mitigation products that impact on the calculation of what consitutes a large exposure.

CEBS's survey of current supervisory practices on large exposures rules has been published under the following link: /cebs-archive/publications/opinions-advices/2006/cebs-today-publishes-a-report-on-supervisory-practices-on-large-exposures

CEBS's report on industry practices with regard to the management and measurement of large exposures has been published under the following link: /cebs-archive/publications/opinions-advices/2006/cebs-today-publishes-a-report-on-industry-practices-on-large-exposures