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The section presents the EBA's work related to a variety of financial and banking topics.

Technical Standards, Guidelines & Recommendations

  • ITS on the procedures and forms in respect of acquisitions and increases of qualifying holdings

    These draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) outline the procedures, forms and templates that competent authorities in the EU should use when consulting each other on acquisitions and increases of qualifying holdings in credit institutions. The objective of these ITS is to streamline information exchanges and ensure effective communications between concerned authorities, both on a cross-border basis and across sectors. These ITS also lay down in detail the process and timeframes for notifying an information request and for responding to it, and provide a set of relevant templates for this purpose. Requirements for the designation of contact points within competent authorities, as well as requirements for language and means of communication are also developed.

    Status: Final draft adopted by the EBA and submitted to the European Commission

  • Joint Guidelines for the prudential assessment of acquisitions of qualifying holdings

    These proposed joint Guidelines define common procedures based on the assessment criteria laid down in the EU legislative framework that establishes how acquisitions and increases of qualifying holdings by natural or legal persons in financial institutions should be assessed. They also develop further the assessment process defined in the EU legislative framework and aim to harmonise supervisory practices in the financial sector across the EU to provide more clarity to proposed acquirers on how they should notify the competent supervisory authorities.

    Status: Under development

  • Regulatory and Implementing Technical Standards on benchmarking portfolios

    These ITS and RTS follow the significant work that the EBA conducted on the comparability of capital requirements for internal ratings-based approach (IRBA) for credit risk and market internal risk models, including a series of benchmarking exercises run in 2013. This work has led to a better understanding of the drivers behind differences observed in RWAs across EU institutions. The future benchmarking exercises will continue to play a crucial role in improving comparability of capital requirements calculated using internal approaches.

    Status: Adopted and published in the Official Journal

  • Recommendation to the Bulgarian National Bank and the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund

    In this Recommendation, the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) is recommended to ensure that depositors of Corporate Commercial Bank AD (KTB) and Commercial Bank Victoria EAD (VCB) have access to deposits (protected under the Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive) by 21 October 2014.

    Status: Final and translated into the EU official languages

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