In accordance with Article 16b) of the EBA founding Regulation, stakeholders can submit questions on the practical application or implementation of the provisions of legislative acts referred to in Article 1(2) of the EBA's founding Regulation, as well as the associated Delegated and Implementing acts, RTS, ITS, Guidelines and Recommendations, adopted under these legislative acts. 


Update: In March 2021 the EBA has completed a review of the final published CRR-CRD and BRRD Q&As against the revised versions of those legislative acts following the amendments introduced in June 2019. This review led to changes for many Q&As, with many having been archived or amended. The changes have been reflected in the tool, either in the archive tab, or by highlighting changes in the final answers as appropriate. (It is noted that the background to questions has only been updated where absolutely necessary.)

An overview of all the reviewed Q&As (updated on 10/12/2021) – grouped by Legal act and filterable by topic – can be accessed here and allows stakeholders to see this information in one place.


Please note: From 25.5.2021 you need a user account in order to submit a Q&A.

When following 'Submit a question', you will be asked to enter your login details, if you already have an account, or you can create one as ‘public user’ (or as an ‘extranet user’, in case you work for an EEA competent authority or an observer organisation in the EBA).