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... CP04 Document CP04 Templates   CP04 Templates for market risk   Explanatory notes Responses Ramasoft Ltd. Polish ...

Publication date: 16/05/2013 (Last update: 01/11/2019)

The EBA updates on the monitoring of Additional Tier 1, Tier 2 and TLAC/MREL eligible liabilities instruments of European Union institutions

... clauses in own funds issuances are deemed acceptable; risk-adjusted capital Tier 2 instruments (RAC Tier 2) are ...

Publication date: 21/07/2023 (Last update: 08/08/2023)

Upcoming events

... to better understand and compare the key features, risk, rewards and costs between different packaged retail ... and the fair treatment of consumers, so as to reduce the risk of mis-selling and resultant conduct costs for firms. ...

Publication date: 16/09/2016 (Last update: 15/11/2019)

EBA issues technical advice to the Commission on contributions to the Single Resolution Fund

... for determining the phase of the business cycle and the risk of pro-cyclical effects and specifies constraints for ...

Publication date: 10/06/2015 (Last update: 17/10/2019)

EBA consults on criteria for a preferential treatment in cross-border intragroup financial support under LCR

... provider and receiver shall present a low liquidity risk profile.  The liquidity provider shall monitor and ...

Publication date: 18/11/2015 (Last update: 08/07/2019)

ESMA, EBA, and EIOPA appoint members of Joint Board of Appeal

... (Member, NL), Chairman of Advisory Board, Independent Risk Solutions; formerly Chairman of the Committee of ...

Publication date: 22/05/2013 (Last update: 01/11/2019)

EBA publishes a report on the benchmarking of diversity practices at European Union Level

... bodies, as a way to improve decisions on strategies and risks, and mainstream a broader range of views, experience, ...

Publication date: 08/07/2016 (Last update: 15/11/2019)

EBA consults on the draft Guidelines on the STS criteria for on-balance-sheet securitisations

... securitisations are now eligible for preferential risk-weight treatment under the Capital Requirements ...

Publication date: 21/04/2023 (Last update: 28/06/2023)

EBA launches consultation on revised Guidelines on sound remuneration policies

... activities have a material impact on the institution's risk profile (identified staff), additional requirements ...

Publication date: 28/10/2020 (Last update: 09/11/2020)

EBA publishes final draft technical standards on indirect exposures arising from derivatives underlying a debt or equity instrument

... for the calculation of large exposures. As part of the Risk Reduction Measures (RRM) package adopted by the ...

Publication date: 19/02/2021 (Last update: 19/02/2021)

EBA consults on technical standards to identify shadow banking entities

... with an individual entity or a group of entities may carry risks to the institution's solvency or liquidity position; ...

Publication date: 26/07/2021 (Last update: 26/07/2021)

EBA consults on disclosure of encumbered and unencumbered assets

... assets taking into account the European Systemic Risk Board's (ESRB) Recommendation D (ESRB/2012/2 of 20 ...

Publication date: 25/04/2016 (Last update: 17/10/2019)

EBA consultation paper on draft ITS on reporting of large exposures

... 376 – 392 of CRR and (ii) information on concentration risk which competent authorities need to analyse as per ...

Publication date: 13/05/2013 (Last update: 01/11/2019)


... to have adequate financial resources and qualitative risk management requirements. The second option proposes the ...

Publication date: 17/05/2013 (Last update: 23/12/2019)


... areas: Mergers & Acquisitions; Securitisation; Credit Risk Mitigation; National discretions; Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 ...

Publication date: 16/05/2013 (Last update: 01/11/2019)

Cookie Policy for EBA official website

Publication date: 22/11/2018 (Last update: 26/09/2019)


Publication date: 23/05/2013 (Last update: 01/11/2019)

EBA issues Opinion to the European Commission on the draft European Sustainability Reporting Standards

... together with the data that credit institutions need from a risk management perspective, are central considerations of ...

Publication date: 26/01/2023 (Last update: 26/01/2023)

EBA provides updates on NPLs in EU banking sector

... contribute to a better understanding and pricing of the risks and, ultimately, facilitate the sale process and lead ...

Publication date: 22/07/2016 (Last update: 15/11/2019)

ESAs consult on guidelines on cooperation and information exchange for AML/CFT supervision purposes

... intensity of each AML/CFT college should be determined on a risk-sensitive basis. As information available to AML/CFT ...

Publication date: 08/11/2018 (Last update: 17/10/2019)