Article 95

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Article 95
Management of operational and security risks
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1. Member States shall ensure that payment service providers establish a framework with appropriate mitigation measures and control mechanisms to manage the operational and security risks, relating to the payment services they provide. As part of that framework, payment service providers shall establish and maintain effective incident management procedures, including for the detection and classification of major operational and security incidents.

3. By 13 July 2017, EBA shall, in close cooperation with the ECB and after consulting all relevant stakeholders, including those in the payment services market, reflecting all interests involved, issue guidelines in accordance with Article 16 of Regulation (EU) No 1093/2010 with regard to the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the security measures, including certification processes where relevant.

EBA shall, in close cooperation with the ECB, review the guidelines referred to in the first subparagraph on a regular basis and in any event at least every 2 years.


5. EBA shall promote cooperation, including the sharing of information, in the area of operational and security risks associated with payment services among the competent authorities, and between the competent authorities and the ECB and, where relevant, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security.

























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