Article 18

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Article 18
Withdrawal of authorisation
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 The competent authorities may only withdraw the authorisation granted to a credit institution where such a credit institution:

(a) does not make use of the authorisation within 12 months, expressly renounces the authorisation or has ceased to engage in business for more than six months, unless the Member State concerned has made provision for the authorisation to lapse in such cases;
(b) has obtained the authorisation through false statements or any other irregular means;
(c) no longer fulfils the conditions under which authorisation was granted;
(d) no longer meets the prudential requirements set out in Parts Three, Four or Six of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 or imposed under Article 104(1)(a) or Article 105 of this Directive or can no longer be relied on to fulfil its obligations towards its creditors, and, in particular, no longer provides security for the assets entrusted to it by its depositors;
(e) falls within one of the other cases where national law provides for withdrawal of authorisation; or
(f) commits one of the breaches referred to in Article 67(1).