Article 100

Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) > TITLE IV > CHAPTER 6 > Section 1 > Article 100
Article 100
Competent authorities
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1. Member States shall designate competent authorities to ensure and monitor effective compliance with this Directive. Those competent authorities shall take all appropriate measures to ensure such compliance.

They shall be either:

(a) competent authorities within the meaning of Article 4(2) of Regulation (EU) No 1093/2010; or

(b) bodies recognised by national law or by public authorities expressly empowered for that purpose by national law.

They shall not be payment service providers, with the exception of national central banks.

2. The authorities referred to in paragraph 1 shall possess all powers and adequate resources necessary for the performance of their duties. Where more than one competent authority is empowered to ensure and monitor effective compliance with this Directive, Member States shall ensure that those authorities collaborate closely so that they can discharge their respective duties effectively.

3. The competent authorities shall exercise their powers in accordance with national law either:

(a) directly under their own authority or under the supervision of the judicial authorities; or

(b) by application to courts which are competent to grant the necessary decision, including, where appropriate, by appeal, if the application to grant the necessary decision is not successful.

4. In the event of infringement or suspected infringement of the provisions of national law transposing Titles III and IV, the competent authorities referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be those of the home Member State of the payment service provider, except for agents and branches conducted under the right of establishment where the competent authorities shall be those of the host Member State.

5. Member States shall notify the Commission of the designated competent authorities referred to in paragraph 1 as soon as possible and in any event by 13 January 2018. They shall inform the Commission of any division of duties of those authorities. They shall immediately notify the Commission of any subsequent change concerning the designation and respective competences of those authorities.