Article 107

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Article 107
Full harmonisation
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1. Without prejudice to Article 2, Article 8(3), Article 32, Article 38(2), Article 42(2), Article 55(6), Article 57(3), Article 58(3), Article 61(2) and (3), Article 62(5), Article 63(2) and (3), the fourth subparagraph of Article 74(1) and Article 86, insofar as this Directive contains harmonised provisions, Member States shall not maintain or introduce provisions other than those laid down in this Directive.

2. Where a Member State makes use of any of the options referred to in paragraph 1, it shall inform the Commission thereof as well as of any subsequent changes. The Commission shall make the information public on a website or other easily accessible means.

3. Member States shall ensure that payment service providers do not derogate, to the detriment of payment service users, from the provisions of national law transposing this Directive except where explicitly provided for therein.

However, payment service providers may decide to grant more favourable terms to payment service users.