Article 79

Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) > TITLE IV > CHAPTER 3 > Section 1 > Article 79
Article 79
Refusal of payment orders
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1. Where the payment service provider refuses to execute a payment order or to initiate a payment transaction, the refusal and, if possible, the reasons for it and the procedure for correcting any factual mistakes that led to the refusal shall be notified to the payment service user, unless prohibited by other relevant Union or national law.

The payment service provider shall provide or make available the notification in an agreed manner at the earliest opportunity, and in any case, within the periods specified in Article 83.

The framework contract may include a condition that the payment service provider may charge a reasonable fee for such a refusal if the refusal is objectively justified.

2. Where all of the conditions set out in the payer’s framework contract are met, the payer’s account servicing payment service provider shall not refuse to execute an authorised payment order irrespective of whether the payment order is initiated by a payer, including through a payment initiation service provider, or by or through a payee, unless prohibited by other relevant Union or national law.

3. For the purposes of Articles 83 and 89 a payment order for which execution has been refused shall be deemed not to have been received.