Article 62

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Article 62
Charges applicable
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1. The payment service provider shall not charge the payment service user for fulfilment of its information obligations or corrective and preventive measures under this Title, unless otherwise specified in Article 79(1), Article 80(5) and Article 88(4). Those charges shall be agreed between the payment service user and the payment service provider and shall be appropriate and in line with the payment service provider’s actual costs.

2. Member States shall require that for payment transactions provided within the Union, where both the payer’s and the payee’s payment service providers are, or the sole payment service provider in the payment transaction is, located therein, the payee pays the charges levied by his payment service provider, and the payer pays the charges levied by his payment service provider.

3. The payment service provider shall not prevent the payee from requesting from the payer a charge, offering him a reduction or otherwise steering him towards the use of a given payment instrument. Any charges applied shall not exceed the direct costs borne by the payee for the use of the specific payment instrument.

4. In any case, Member States shall ensure that the payee shall not request charges for the use of payment instruments for which interchange fees are regulated under Chapter II of Regulation (EU) 2015/751 and for those payment services to which Regulation (EU) No 260/2012 applies.

5. Member States may prohibit or limit the right of the payee to request charges taking into account the need to encourage competition and promote the use of efficient payment instruments.