Article 49

Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) > TITLE III > CHAPTER 2 > Article 49
Article 49
Information for the payee after execution
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Immediately after the execution of the payment transaction, the payee’s payment service provider shall provide the payee with, or make available to, the payee, in the same way as provided for in Article 44(1), all of the following data with regard to its own services:

(a) a reference enabling the payee to identify the payment transaction and, where appropriate, the payer and any information transferred with the payment transaction;

(b) the amount of the payment transaction in the currency in which the funds are at the payee’s disposal;

(c) the amount of any charges for the payment transaction payable by the payee and, where applicable, a breakdown of the amounts of such charges;

(d) where applicable, the exchange rate used in the payment transaction by the payee’s payment service provider, and the amount of the payment transaction before that currency conversion;

(e) the credit value date.