Article 16

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Article 16
Depositor information
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1. Member States shall ensure that credit institutions make available to actual and intending depositors the information necessary for the identification of the DGSs of which the institution and its branches are members within the Union. Member States shall ensure that credit institutions inform actual and intending depositors of the applicable exclusions from DGS protection.
2. Before entering into a contract on deposit-taking, depositors shall be provided with the information referred to in paragraph 1. They shall acknowledge the receipt of that information. The template set out in Annex I shall be used for that purpose.
3. Confirmation that the deposits are eligible deposits shall be provided to depositors on their statements of account including a reference to the information sheet set out in Annex I. The website of the relevant DGS shall be indicated on the information sheet. The information sheet set out in Annex I shall be provided to the depositor at least annually.
The website of the DGS shall contain the necessary information for depositors, in particular information concerning the provisions regarding the process for and conditions of deposit guarantees as envisaged under this Directive.
4. The information provided for in paragraph 1 shall be made available in the manner prescribed by national law in the language that was agreed by the depositor and the credit institution when the account was opened or in the official language or languages of the Member State in which the branch is established.
5. Member States shall limit the use in advertising of the information referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 to a factual reference to the DGS guaranteeing the product to which the advertisement refers and to any additional information required by national law.
Such information may extend to the factual description of the functioning of the DGS but shall not contain a reference to unlimited coverage of deposits.
6. In the case of a merger, conversion of subsidiaries into branches or similar operations, depositors shall be informed at least one month before the operation takes legal effect unless the competent authority allows a shorter deadline on the grounds of commercial secrecy or financial stability.
Depositors shall be given a three-month period following notification of the merger or conversion or similar operation to withdraw or transfer to another credit institution, without incurring any penalty, their eligible deposits including all accrued interest and benefits in so far as they exceed the coverage level pursuant to Article 6 at the time of the operation.
7. Member States shall ensure that if a credit institution withdraws or is excluded from a DGS, the credit institution shall inform its depositors within one month of such withdrawal or exclusion.
8. If a depositor uses internet banking, the information required to be disclosed by this Directive may be communicated by electronic means. Where the depositor so requests, it shall be communicated on paper.